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Hilariously illustrated. Smarter vocabulary

Our mission is to teach children more words.

Ages 3–6

See it! Stick it!
Sight words

The interactive, fun way to help kids learn the words that really accelerate their reading - with stickers!

Loved by ages 4–6

  • Helps kids memorise short, everyday words that are difficult  to sound out - e.g. the, where, could
  • Accelerates kids’ reading
  • 199 sight words to learn in two sticker books
  • A fun sticker for every word
  • Scan the page with your device to hear pronunciation
  • Perfect for summer reading practice

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Children learn better visually

We use laugh-out-loud illustrations to bring words to life, so that children fall in love with learning. All of our products are easy to use, at home, on the go, or at school. Build a daily word-learning habit in minutes a day, and learn at your child’s own pace.

Backed by leading education experts, and curated based on research from Cambridge University, this is vocabulary building for the 21st century. No more boring word lists. No more cramming.

What our customers say

  • You won’t want to miss Mrs Wordsmith. It has engaging and fascinating content, enabling children to learn vocabulary.

    Susan B. Neuman

    Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education at New York University

  • Children's overall vocabulary increased on average by 50% with Mrs Wordsmith.

    National Literacy Trust

  • The programme integrates words based on what children need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key.

    Primary teacher