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About Us

Our mission is to illustrate the 10,000 words that matter for academic success, so children fall in love with learning.

About Mrs Wordsmith


Mrs Wordsmith is the world’s most innovative vocabulary programme. We combine data science and creativity to illustrate the 10,000 words that matter for academic success.

Launched in 2016 in London, Mrs Wordsmith is one of the fastest-growing, VC backed startups in the UK. We help young people learn efficiently through engaging content from the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar. Our words are carefully selected and curated by Cambridge University data scientists to ensure that children learn the words they will come across at school and in the books they read.

Loved by teachers, parents and students.

“Content, not technology, will save education.”

Watch our founder Sofia Fenichell's TEDx talk about preparing students for the 21st century.

“We are different. Our characters and brand have a narrative that in its imperfection, can teach children and take them on a meaningful journey they connect with.”

Craig Kellman
Mrs Wordsmith Creative Director