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Storyteller's Word a Day

For ages 7–11 / This school year, give your child a daily dose of storytelling vocab and create an epic word learning habit that will last a lifetime!
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Storyteller's Word A Day 2

For ages 7–11 / New! The long-awaited sequel to our multi-award-winning Amazon Best Seller for ages 7-11, featuring 180 brand new words to take kids’ storytelling to the next level.

My Epic Life: Daily Word Workout

For ages 5–8 / An epic daily workout to prepare kids’ brains for anything school can throw at them!
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Vocabulary is the biggest indicator of academic potential

The more rare words your child knows, the higher their reading and writing age, and the better they'll do at school.

Children learn better visually, and a word-a-day habit is the best way to build a strong vocabulary. Learn together in minutes a day: at breakfast, on the move, before bed.

Hilariously illustrated by the Emmy award-winning artists behind Madagascar. This is research-backed word learning that works

What our customers say

  • The programme integrates words based on what children need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key.

    Primary teacher

  • Mrs Wordsmith stands out from the crowd because they have created an intuitive and visually stunning dictionary that children and schools love.

    Professor Ted Briscoe

    Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge

  • It is 100% research-based and we have found that practising word pairs not only helps with remembering words, but increases fluency in writing as well.

    Teacher blogger

  • We have been learning with Mrs Wordsmith over the last term. In every English lesson we have a word of the day. Some of the type of words we have had are eye words, beautiful words, big and fat words and small and thin words. Mrs Wordsmith is really fun to use and every time we have a new word we have to say what the word is the same as or something that goes with that word.

    Year 6 pupil at St Gabriel's School, UK

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