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Why it works

Mrs Wordsmith is data-driven, not random. Hilariously illustrated, not boring. We’ve used data science to identify the 10,000 most academically relevant words, and Hollywood illustration to make them unforgettable.


Why curation works

There are over one million words in the English language, too many to learn effectively. By identifying and structuring the words children will encounter most often in literature, we make vocabulary manageable.

Part of our process is to pair words with those they commonly appear alongside. Research shows that studying words in pairs increases the speed and efficiency of learning.

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Why visual humour works

Research proves that humour and visuals are profoundly effective learning tools, boosting children’s engagement and retention. And when information is presented as a story, with colourful, relatable characters, the experience is even more memorable. Mrs Wordsmith words are unforgettable because they’re visually engaging.

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linking home and school

Why linking home and school works

We know that linking home and school leads to better vocabulary retention. The more involved you are in your child’s studies, the higher their motivation and achievement. Parental engagement is key. You don’t have to do a lot. It’s about practising little and often to develop word consciousness, or an awareness of words that accelerates their ability to learn.

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Recommended and used by top schools and institutions


Professor Ted Briscoe

University of Cambridge


Deputy Head Hannah Verney

Westminster Under School


Head of School Emma Madden

Fox Primary School