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    Our bestselling phonics Printables are now here in printed workbook form. Our workbooks are curriculum compliant in UK schools and support the UK Phonics Screening test, handwriting practice and build key reading vocabulary.

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    • Closely aligned to the National Curriculum Letters and Sounds programme and supports the UK Phonics Screening test
    • Covers 50 phoneme-grapheme correspondences including CVC words and diagraphs
    • Provides additional letter writing practice
    • Ages 4-5 (Reception)

    “These fun workbooks will reinforce the critical early reading skills your child is developing in Reception through Year 2.”

    Emma Madden, Britain’s leading headmistress,
    Fox Primary Schools

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    Learn phonics the right way

    Mrs Wordsmith’s Foolproof Reading phonics programme was designed with educational experts and is aligned with the school curriculum.

    Loved by parents, teachers, and kids

    • Easy to follow with clear and simple instructions - you don’t need to be an expert!
    • Closely aligned to the National Curriculum Letters and Sounds programme
    • Teaches the first representation for each of the 44 phonemes, using 50 grapheme-phoneme correspondences, including digraphs and trigraphs
    • Provides additional letter-writing practice
    • Unique audio support - hear how to pronounce sounds correctly

    Designed for Children in Reception

    It’s divided into five easy-to-follow levels that follow the National Letters and Sounds curriculum.

    In Levels 1 and 2, kids learn:

    • 13 phoneme-grapheme correspondences
    • How to decode (read) three-letter words

    In Levels 3 and 4, they learn:

    • Consonant digraphs that make one sound, such as ff, ll, ch, th and sh
    • CCVC words such as flush and swing, and CVCC words such as lift and jump

    In level 5, they learn:

    • Vowel digraphs - vowels that consist of two letters but correspond to one sound, such as ai, ea, ee
    • Vowel trigraphs that consist of three letters, such as igh in light

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    Foolproof Phonics Reception Activities

    Foolproof Phonics Reception Activities

    Foolproof Phonics Reception Activities

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