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    This letter-writing activity pack is the perfect accompaniment to our ABC story. Helps kids learn letters and develop reading skills!

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    • Handwriting activites consolidate knowledge of letters
    • An essential precursor to phonics learning
    • Printable worksheets for bite-sized learning. Print a few pages a day!
    • Ages 3-7

    The alphabet is the first step on the reading journey

    Research shows that children with prior knowledge of the alphabet learn to read more easily and more fluently, so it’s vitally important that the alphabet is taught in a playful and engaging way. They need to understand that each letter has a different shape and name, and that letters combine to form words. Learning the most common sound that each letter makes is an essential, foundational skill that will be built on later when children encounter phonics.

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    Handwriting practice helps develop reading skills

    Handwriting is a crucial skill for children as they move through their early school years, beginning with individual capital letters all the way to writing full sentences. What's more, it helps consolidate children’s knowledge of letters. Research shows that children with better handwriting exhibit greater neural activation in brain regions associated with working memory and increased activation in the regions associated with reading and writing.

    I Can Be a Butterfly - Handwriting Sheets

    I Can Be a Butterfly - Handwriting Sheets

    I Can Be a Butterfly - Handwriting Sheets
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