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Storyteller's Word a Day

Storyteller’s Word a Day – 180 hilariously illustrated words.

Every day, flip the page and discover a new, hilariously illustrated word that will take your storytelling to the next level.

 Storyteller’s Word a Day is packed with discerning data on how to get the most out of every word. Set it on the breakfast table, talk about it together, tell stories, and create a daily word-learning habit that will take kids’ storytelling to another planet.

Ages 7-13.

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Hardcover, 180 illustrated words in glorious Mrs Wordsmith colour
Spiral binding, flipbook with toggle

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Display the word all day

Display the word all day

Every morning, turn the page and display each word and illustration all day for multiple exposures and better retention.

Talk about the illustration together

Talk about the illustration together

Nothing develops children's thinking and language more than meaningful conversations with adults, so make sure to use the word in conversation and talk about what it means.

Dive deeper & test your knowledge

Dive deeper & test your knowledge

Get to the core of each word by exploring its word pairs, synonyms, history, frequency data, and usage in classic children’s literature.

Tell a story

Tell a story

With an illustration-based story starter for every word, get creative! Write, tell, sing, or draw a new creation every day.

What you get

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word a Day Flipbook

Discover a word a day

A simple and effective way to foster a word-learning habit that will last a lifetime, with 180 words to master.

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word a Day Flipbook

Fire your child’s imagination

Rich, descriptive vocabulary for all aspects of storytelling, from describing characters’ appearance, actions, and emotions, to creating vivid, memorable story worlds.

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word a Day Flipbook

Develop word awareness

An array of ideas on how to use each word, with synonyms, word pairs, and examples of the word used in classic children’s books.

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word a Day Flipbook

Learn more as data meets creativity

We’ve used data science to identify the words kids need, and Hollywood creativity to make them funny and unforgettable.

The Benefits

Develops creative writing and storytelling skills

Compelling and engaging word illustrations combined with stimulating ideas and thought-starters - all designed to encourage young writers to explore and learn independently.

Empowers children to get more out of reading

A simple and engaging word a day formula to help your child engage with words and learning. By putting the joy back into word learning, we’re helping to boost confidence in both reading and writing.

Builds a rich vocabulary to aid academic success

Some words in the Storyteller's Word a Day young writers will know, while others will be completely new. Build and strengthen that vocabulary while becoming a master storyteller.

Develops transferable skills

Stories are how people communicate, socially and at work. Developing strong, word-rich story skills now, will pay dividends for years to come.

Fosters word consciousness and a lifelong love of words

Mrs Wordsmith’s product are created with the support of Prof Susan Neuman, Professor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education, and Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. They’ve also been proven by the National Literacy Trust to increase vocabulary by 50%.

Data-driven word curation

Our writers used machine learning and worked with professors, teachers and lexicographers to curate the best possible range of storytelling words for writers.

What our customers say

  • Every child in America should have a Mrs Wordsmith product because they teach the most important words. Feedback from our focus groups in New York around child engagement was very positive. Teachers even said the kids were so excited it was hard to keep the class under control! That’s Hollywood style literacy for you.

    Professor Susan Neuman

    Professor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education

  • Children's overall vocabulary increased on average by 50% with Mrs Wordsmith.

    National Literacy Trust

  • We got our copy of the @mrsWOfficial Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary last week and it is FREAKING AWESOME. Highly recommend. Super fun to just look at the illustrations with my son and try new words on for size! Brilliant stuff. Keep it comin'!

    Nora McGregor


Backed by research

brain bites illustration

Humans are storytelling creatures. It's how we make sense of the world. Children naturally tell stories, but when words fail them, they become stuck, often frustrated.

Traditional dictionaries don't help, either. Finding and comprehending the right information can be tricky. Applying that information is harder still. Plus, they're boring!

We wanted to create a dictionary that was both easy to navigate and inspiring. One that was based on how language is actually used, without the confusing symbols. A high ratio of hilarious illustrations to words is the icing on the cake, and makes the Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary a breeze for even the most reluctant learners.

Read more about our research